Dec 12, 2008

What happened to my calm baby!

Yes, usually I have it pretty easy. Tate will sleep pretty good during the night, only waking up maybe once. But I'm afraid we've taught him how to CRY. Up until last week he just slept in the bassinet in our room. When he would wake up to eat he'd only whimper, but now that he is in his own room, I can only here him on the monitor when he starts to cry. Now the past couple days he will cry and cry and cry about anything. I hope this won't last long! But regardless he is still SO cute even when he is crying. Sometimes i just can't help but laugh at him. Usually when i hear babies cry, its so annoying, but for some reason he just gets cuter (unless of course I'm trying to sleep).

But on another note...Finally Christmas is almost here! This is my favorite time of the whole year, I love the Lights, the Snow, the MUSIC, and spending time with family. And this year is even better since I don't have to work. We have all our Christmas shopping done, which is a big relief, and even wrapped! Go us! I haven't posted for a couple weeks, so i have many pics to show off.
My good friend Teri and I got together for lunch last week while she was in Town. She is almost 8 months pregnant--- and doesn't even look it. I'm so jealous. She's having a boy, so we are already planning on Tate and him being best friends growing up.

Tate Can hold his head up really really well! We put him on this pillow and give him a little "tummy time" for him to practice.

He looks a little scared to be with Megan..
Daddy and Tate striking the same pose.