May 16, 2008

I Blame You

Before I got pregnant, no one ever explained the horrific, disgusting, nasty couple of months you have to go through in the beginning. Now that it's happening to me, that's all I hear! Why couldn't you have dropped me a hint before? So for that, I blame everyone that is reading this post, and who failed to mention this little fact. It would have been nice to know before I decided to grow something inside me! So now I feel i have a responsibility to warn all women that have yet to conceive. Take my word for it, it might be worth it in the end, but just beware... you go through Hell to get there.
But all negativity aside...I really am grateful for this exciting time in our lives, where we are becoming parents for the first time! I am now 4 months pregnant, and everyone says it should start getting better from now on. And I'll admit, it is getting better daily. We find out the sex in 3 weeks. Any guesses? Boy or girl?