Nov 23, 2009

Go Ho Ho

I get all giddy when I see this (click here) ... don't you?

Nov 5, 2009

My Happy Place

I have fallen in love with the little city of Draper. On days when I have nothing to do, I somehow wind up there just basking on all it's beauty. Draper has always been on the top of my list when it comes to "Best places to live". I love it's charm, the beautiful parks and trails, the old buildings and homes with so much character, the small town feel. It has everything I need, and some day I will move there and we will grow old together.

Nov 2, 2009

I'm exhausted....

We had a very event filled weekend. And I am trying to recover.

Yesterday we celebrated Tate's 1st Birthday. We had all our family over to celebrate last night, it was very very crowded. Everyone in our tiny little apartment, there was barely any room to move. Tate (or i should say I) had a polka dot themed party. I came across this cute blog where the lady used to work for Martha Stewart and has so many great ideas -click here -but somehow our little party, didn't turn out so "cute".

Tate got spoiled rotten, Thank you everyone for coming and for all the great presents!

I ran my very first half marathon along with my friends Megan and Nicki and Nicki's dad. This wasn't just any race. This was The Halloween Half Marathon. Everyone was dressed up in ridiculous costumes running down Provo canyon. IT WAS HILARIOUS and SO FUN, i want to do it every year. The winning costumes were (and i wish i had my camera to take pictures of these people) The Runaway Bride, she wore a full on wedding dress the whole time. The pumpkin head, she had a pumpkin over her head the entire time (it was gutted and had the eyes and mouth cut out so she could see). And the Suppergirl, a man dressed up as a girl super hero, with the boobs the spandex and wig.

And last but not least was Halloween trick or treating! Tate turned on his charm and got us a lot of candy.