Apr 22, 2009


I think he said Grrrrrrrrrrrr, does that count as a first word?

This is Tate before waiting for me to get dressed...
And after...

Apr 17, 2009


Alright, I'll do this but ONLY because Tate is sleeping and I have no other chores...And I tag anyone that is out of their mind bored and wants to do it.

I've been tagged... here it goes. 8 Things Tag Here are the rules:1) Post rules on your blog2) Answer the six '8' items...

8 favorite TV shows:
2. Oprah
3. Matlock
4. House
5. The Today Show
6. Hate to admit it, but American Idol
7. -------
8. ---------

8 Things I did yesterday:
1. Watched the Today Show
2. Got myself and Tate bathed
3. Did laundry
4. Emily came over to watch Tate while I went to a Stampin' Up Meeting
5. Picked up my niece, Cait from her cousin's
6. Watched Oprah
7. Hung out with my mom while Mike was at school.
8. slept

8 Things I'm looking forward to:
1. Warm
2. Memorial Day... teri and regan! WOOT WOOT
3. BBQ tonight...kerra and rich! another WOOT WOOT
4. going to the pool this summer
5. Mike finishing this semester-Only online classes this summer!
6. ------
7. --------
8. --------

8 favorite restaurants:
1. Hagermans***
2. Spaghetti Mamas
3. Texas Roadhouse
4. Cheesecake Factory
5. Kneaders
6. Zuppas
7. Sweet tomatoes
8. ---------

8 Things on my wish list
1. ohhhh vacations... so many vacations
2. A new couch
3. A new car
4. Being able to sell our condo
5. A house with a yard
6. A good memory
7. -----
8. -------

Apr 13, 2009

Pedicure Disaster

Please remind me the next time I decide I want to pamper myself and get a pedicure, not to...

ONE Attempt to choose a nail polish, drop it on the floor, breaking and getting all over the ground and ME.

TWO Get the only lady that is sick and coughing on me the entire time.

THREE Have the same lady dig her long nails into me while trying to massage my legs.

FOUR Pull out my wallet and spill my change all over.

FIVE When trying to pay, not getting conned into a $10 tip for a $25 service.

Apr 9, 2009


*Tate is getting is first tooth and what a pain... literally, very painful. I can see it about to emerge but still he's just as happy as can be.

*When I set him on his belly he has mastered the art of "scooting". I think one side of him is stronger than the other, because he just goes in a circle, ending up right where he started!

*Funny noises will set him off laughing, and he won't stop. Yesterday morning we were just hanging out, and I said "do you want to go get some breakfast?" in a funny way, and he couldn't stop himself. I sound like a complete dork most the time trying to keep him going.

I love that I get to spend my whole day with him, and know that I'm so lucky! I became a mother to do just that, "mother". Mike works so hard, leaving at 7 am getting home at 9 or 10 some nights. At first I thought it was going to be so hard, but have loved every minute. Thanks babe