Mar 25, 2011

nothiing important

Thank you all for the advice on shopping! It sounds like a lot of you do the whole Couponing thing. I have never been able to figure that out. One time I went to the store with like 20 coupons and It took me like 2 hours to shop because you need to read the fine print and get the exact and brand and size they say and rule out any restrictions. My friend Heidi texted me and told me about something called e-mealz and I have to say that I am converted. The past 3 weeks I've been using it and saving a lot of money in groceries. So a big Thank You to Heidi!

Olivia loves tummy time, and is getting very strong. I think she is close to rolling over now. This might not be very exciting to read... But it's very helpful to me to write it down so that I can remember when these milestones are happening. I feel like I forgot when Tate did anything, and I just look back on the blog to find out.

We blessed Oliva on March 6th and it was beautiful. Thank you to all our friends and family that came.

This was one of the longest days. Olivia would not stop crying for like a day straight, so when we got home from church she and mike were so tired... this is how I found them sleeping.

And we started the whole potty training thing about 2 weeks ago, and it's been ok. I think potty training is my very least favorite thing to go through so far. Poop and Pee everywhere, and being a clean freak myself, it's just GROSS. But tate has done pretty well. He has kept the bed dry for a whole week straight, but the one big thing he doesn't seem to grasp is going #2 in the toilet.

Mar 3, 2011


Does anyone else get this many off brand items at the grocery store? I went shopping today and I didn't notice until I put it away that I have almost all Great Value items (the Walmart brand). I am soooo sick of spending so much at the grocery store. I want to know how much you all spend on Groceries each month. I think I spend close to $500-$600! How is this possible, we are only a family of 4, and only 3 of us eat food. Now I am included everything... diapers, shampoo, etc. So please tell me i'm not the only one spending this much. Or if I am, what am I doing wrong?

And of course more pics of my adorable children:

Olivia is now 3 months old and is cooing so much this week. It's so fun to hear her little voice. I love it! She is usually in bed by 9, then awake at 2:00, 5:00, and 8:00 to eat. But i'm sure by next week this will change again. I CANNOT wait until she can sleep through the night. I'm considering the whole sleep training thing.
Our church meetings start at 1:00 on Sunday so Tate misses his usual 2-3 HOUR NAP, and we get one GRUMPY kid. He gets so worked up, he wears himself out and always falls asleep on the couch

And this is the beautiful Cke Mike and I made on Valentines day. It was COVERED in so much frosting...It was so sugary that we split one piece and Mike took the rest to work to share.