Mar 3, 2011


Does anyone else get this many off brand items at the grocery store? I went shopping today and I didn't notice until I put it away that I have almost all Great Value items (the Walmart brand). I am soooo sick of spending so much at the grocery store. I want to know how much you all spend on Groceries each month. I think I spend close to $500-$600! How is this possible, we are only a family of 4, and only 3 of us eat food. Now I am included everything... diapers, shampoo, etc. So please tell me i'm not the only one spending this much. Or if I am, what am I doing wrong?

And of course more pics of my adorable children:

Olivia is now 3 months old and is cooing so much this week. It's so fun to hear her little voice. I love it! She is usually in bed by 9, then awake at 2:00, 5:00, and 8:00 to eat. But i'm sure by next week this will change again. I CANNOT wait until she can sleep through the night. I'm considering the whole sleep training thing.
Our church meetings start at 1:00 on Sunday so Tate misses his usual 2-3 HOUR NAP, and we get one GRUMPY kid. He gets so worked up, he wears himself out and always falls asleep on the couch

And this is the beautiful Cke Mike and I made on Valentines day. It was COVERED in so much frosting...It was so sugary that we split one piece and Mike took the rest to work to share.


Carly said...

Groceries are overrated. I wish I didn't have to eat or feed my family. We would have so much extra money. It is an expense that I dislike and it is very expensive. I spend about that much too. I need a secret to save money too.

Dasha said...

Oh man I hate spending money on groceries too. I feel like I'm way inefficient about it and really need to get into using coupons and stuff but I'm just too lazy.

Jeff and Whitney said...

It is painful when they tally up that grocery bill at the end. I love the pics of your kiddos! And I want to hold Olivia again. When can we make this happen?

The Oldroyd's said...

Groceries are a lot. I use coupons and usually spend about $130 every two weeks. But once a week we do have to make a trip to the store to get milk, eggs and a few other things. Plus we make a Sam's Club stop once a month. So we spend about $400 a month on food and other items (tp, shampoo etc.)
Try coupons, it helps out a lot. It is so fun to find great deals.

Emily Call said...

We spend that much too... can't figure it out, but it does include everything like shampoo and stuff too. I usually buy generic brand things too. I tried couponing for awhile, but that's a full time job and I was buying too many processed foods and not as many fruits and veggies.

Katuska said...

You can cut your grocery expense down by price matching at Walmart since that is where you shop and it is the only store that price matches around here. Just take your add from other stores and they will price match for you all the great deals. Doing that alone will help you as well as tweaking your menu to match what is on sale that week. I am into couponing but unlike most couponers I do not buy a whole lot of processed foods but do use them for cleaning items, toiletries, diapers, and dairy items but still get some other foods. My monthly average for groceries, toiletries, cleaning and household supplies like paper towels, sponges, etc and laundry items is $350 for the 7 of us. My house gets a deep cleaning once a week so we go through a lot of cleaning supplies. I am trying to get it down to $300 but with the new baby and growing kids that are eating more and using more of everything, I am not sure that I will be able to. We only eat cold cereal or breakfast once or twice a week. Smith's has great manager specials on items that are going to be expiring soon so I get a lot of organic produce and meat that way for half the retail price and try to stock up at that time. Hope that info helps. Good luck with trimming down the grocery expense.