Oct 26, 2009

Halloween Party

I have not once bought a Halloween costume. They are ridiculously expensive and made of cheap thin material. Instead every single year I raid my parents Halloween boxes. They are 2 1/2 boxes full of old clothes that we would never wear in public again. Most of the clothes fit me when I was between the ages of 6-12. I helped throw a halloween party with all our old highschool buddies.... So I dug up this old Bridesmaid dress that my sister wore to my aunts wedding when she was 14, and I went as a 1980's Prom queen. Mike wore this hidious blue and red plaid jacket (who knows where is came from) and went as a used car salesman. Tate was a Turtle

Mike and Dasha as The librarian and her nerd

The hippy showed up

The witch and her cute octopus (his costume below)

The Genie

John and Kate + 8

We had about 5 people show up in cowbow attire

The black widow and her victim

And our the adorable little boys, the Octopus and turtle. They didn't last very long in their outfits, however. Tate will pick on Carter every time they get together. But Carter is such a good little boy he just puts up with it.

I didn't get everyone's picture but it was great to see everyone again! Thanks Teri for the fun night!

Oct 21, 2009

Family pics

We got some family pictures taken from a friend, Lindsey Briggs. She was the best photographer and has just launched her new website lindseybriggs.com. If anyone is interested, she does a GREAT job and is very affordable! if you want to see more of our pics, just go to her website and click on proofsite.

Oct 7, 2009


Last night Tate came down with a strong case of the giggles.

He woke us up from 4:30am-5:30am with a Laugh attack. What he was laughing about, no one will ever know

We just couldn't resist bringing him in bed with us to join in on the laughter.

What an odd little boy.