Sep 28, 2009


Most of the time I'm a pretty easy going person. That is until someone is obnoxiously rude or just plain stupid. Lately I have come across some pretty obnoxious people.
Examples of these fools:
*I was in the parking lot on Friday at the South Towne Expo Center. I just put Tate in the car seat and I was sitting idle in the drivers seat looking at a cook book I just bought when a big buff man walks up to my car and signals for me to open my door to talk to me. Now, I'm not that stupid to just open my door to a complete stranger, let alone someone that is triple my size. I roll down my window a tad and ask what he wants. He proceeds to tell me he needs money for gas or money for a gas can. I have seen these guys in Target and Walmart parking lots before going up to women saying they have ran out of gas and need gas money. One time I even followed one of these guys and saw him climb into a huge truck with all his scamming buddies. This should be illegal, preying on poor innocent women in parking lots. Scarring them half to death!
*Another one of these fools was a nurse at the Doctors office last week. I had to take Tate in to get a EKG for his heart and the nurse came in started making small talk while weighing and measuring him. Then she tells me how cute my baby is and how she thought he was a girl because of his eyelashes .... uhhhh what? Then she goes to listen to his heart and the cold stethoscope made him squirm (of course, he's a baby) And she looks at me and says "Someone is in a bad mood, RRRRRRRRRRRR". yes, she said RRRRRRRRRR. What that heck?
* And the other day I was in our clubhouse gym running. The lady next to me was walking on the treadmill with her 1 year old sitting in the stroller behind her. Why? Why? Why would you do this? It was perfectly good weather outside. Get your kid some fresh air. And I've seen her in there before, just walking. Maybe if she was using other workout equipment I would understand. Or, even if it was bad weather outside, but no. Her kid just sits there, doing nothing just watching her.
If You or I ever run into these types of people again, I hope we are brave enough to ask them, "What the HECK!?"

Sep 22, 2009


Tate loves Grandpa, watch them talk back and forth. It's so cute.

Concert Time = Fun time

Pictures from our Brad Paisley and Dierks Bentley concert

My mom and dad took all of us for our birthdays. Thanks for the FUN FUN night!

Sep 15, 2009

Mike's birthday and Mine are exactly 2 weeks apart, and we celebrated in style. For my birthday he planned a surprise shindig in the park. Oh how he tried to be sneaky sneaky, but you can't trick me. And for Mike's birthday we got together at his favorite restaurant The Pizza Factory with some friends.
Every year on my birthday I have The best cake ever, Ice cream cake from Dairy Queen. Ummmmmm. And the next week I have to spend working off the 5 extra pounds I've gained with this baby because I've eaten the whole thing. But it's worth it.
And this year for the first time I made a cake for Mike's birthday!!!!! uh, well it was from a box. But I did do it regardless.