Jun 16, 2009


What a blast! We got to fly down to see our friends Teri and Regan and little Carter in Vegas this weekend, and wore ourselves out!

It was Tate's first time on an airplane and he was a champ, He slept the entire time. We got to fly because Regan was able to get free flight vouchers and they let us use them. How nice, right? I bet you wish you had friend's like them!

We were constantly on the go each day, walking the strip, swimming, playing games, eating the best food and visiting Hoover Dam. Mike even won a whopping $10, it was more but I started playing and lost the rest.

When we got home at 12:30 Sunday night, Tate was so excited to be in his crib, he got so happy when he realized we were back home. We must have really wore him out because on Monday he could not stay awake, he slept the about the whole day.

Thanks for having us Teri, Regan and Carter! You guys ROCK

Jun 8, 2009

On Our Own Again

Yes, we are moving... FINALLY. We have been living in my parent's basement for the past 10 months, and have survived. I'm kidding, I have actually really enjoyed-even loved- being so close to my Mom and Dad, especially when Mike is working I can just go upstairs and hang out. They have been so awesome to have us there while we've had to figure out what to do with our lives. We bought a condo in Pleasant Grove 2 years ago and at that time we kept saying "we have to get into something because the market just keeps going up!" uhhhhhh DUMB US! Just 3 or 4 months later the market kept going down and Mike's job at the time was having him drive so far to work (Brigham city some days) that we were spending $800 a month in gas that we didn't budget for. With a baby on the way we were worried that if it continued that way and I wasn't working we were going to be in trouble.

Then Mike got a job in the Salt Lake downtown area and my parents offered to have us live there while we rented out our place. It has been one of the best decisions we've made. Not only have we been able to save so much, but Mike got a new better job in the field he is going to school for. The company is called L3communications and we know it wouldn't have happened unless we were living here. A couple of my parents neighbors work there and put in a good word for Mike that made it possible.

Now it's time we try out the real world again, Wish us luck!

So I know you have been reading and reading just wondering when this blessed day is going to be so you can open your schedule to help... June 20th, I'll be waiting for you!

Jun 4, 2009

Stepping It up a Notch

My job just got 10 times harder. Since Tate has mastered crawling and pulling himself up on things, there have been many a bruised heads around here, which makes for many a tears. I turn my head for ONE second and BAMMM.

When he's not falling or running into walls he's working really hard at getting those dang teeth to come in. I still can't believe they are not here! Was it like 3 months ago where I posted something about "I think he's teething". What in the world?!

But despite all the crying lately, there is more laughing. And this is the face I get to see every morning and thats the best part.

Jun 2, 2009


Well I've reached the point now, where I have nothing to blog about. I feel so LAME. Here are pics from the Zoo and Hiking up Bell Canyon.
By the Time we got home everyone completely zonked out

Memorial day weekend

Maybe one day I will get a life and actually have something to say on this blog!