Feb 27, 2009

I Have Survived!

Up until 3 years ago, I had loved going to the dentist. I loved that clean teeth feeling, and I thought I had the perfect teeth, at least that's always what they say to you. When I was little they had 3 big bulletin boards with every kids picture on it, and if you had a "cavity free" visit than you got to put a round sticker on your picture. I had been cavity free up until 20 years old. When I went 3 years ago they found 4 cavities. That's right, I said FOUR. And it was the worst experience of my life. I was 20 years old and crying- no, I'm sorry, I was sobbing- in that dentist chair. I was squeezing that nurse's hand so hard the whole time. I asked for the numbing shot I think 4 extra times...And for a week after, my mouth was still numb.

I have refused to go back since, but since our dental insurance ends in February, I was willing to try it one more time- For the sake of money. And this time a different dentist. 3 cavities this time. Pretty good I thought... I'll admit that when I was pregnant I had a pretty hard time brushing my teeth in the beginning. Every time I stuck that toothbrush in my mouth I'd gag and sometimes throw up.

I confessed my "problem" with the dentist and he told me I can have the Nitrous oxide...Since he didn't want to make me cry. When I was pretty floaty, he stuck the needle in to get me numb, and I could feel the tears coming on. The nurse stuck out her hand to let me hold on for dear life. When he started I was flexing in pain, even though i was fine. The dentist stopped and asked if I could feel it. I said, "No, I'll just scream if it hurts", he immediately said, "Just raise your hand if it hurts...If you scream, you'll scare the other patients."ha ha

The whole time I heard that Laser sound I just kept telling myself "Think of Star Wars. Think of Star Wars". Just so I could think of the sounds coming from a movie, not my mouth. And when I felt the thing in my mouth drilling, I just kept telling myself it's just a stick with sponge on it cleaning my teeth.

Well, I'm proud to say I survived, and with no tears this time.

Feb 17, 2009

Valentines Day

We had a great Valentines Day! We got to go out on a date without Tate. My awesome sister in-law Emily called a couple weeks ago and volunteered to watch him for us that night (nice huh) But that weekend my brother Justin got sick, so we felt bad leaving Tate with them... So luckily my parents volunteered, since they celebrated their Valentines Day the night before.

Our "I'm too interested to look at the camera" movie pose

We got to do a Movie, He's just not that into you, which was just so so. I thought it was going to be a lot more funny than it was. Then we went to a Restaurant called Yapoma. It's a Japanese Sushi place. Mike LOVES sushi. So I found this web site called http://www.restaurant.com/ that you can get gift cards for local restaurants for REAL CHEAP! We bought a $25 gift card for $10.

Friday, the night before I made Mike a heart pizza, with a berry smoothie. I was so proud of myself. What a great wife I am.

Feb 13, 2009

Crazy Interview Joaquin Pheonix/David Letterman

OK, did anyone see this the other night? What is the Deal with Joaquin Pheonix? So Funny!

Feb 12, 2009

Miracle Solution

My sister in-law Jeannie swears by this stuff. It will cure anything from sore throats to food poisoning to diaper rashes. I recently became a big fan. I'm not usually into the whole Natural Medicine thing, but I have been converted.
Tate has had this really bad diaper rash lately and I was going to take him in to get it looked at because it was so bad. I kept putting desitin on him every time, but it didn't seem to help. On Monday I dropped him off with Jeannie while I went to work for 4 hours. She put this stuff on his rash, and by the time I picked him up it was almost completely gone. I kept using it that day, and the rash totally disappeared that night!
You can find it at any Health Food Store. It think it's around $20 for a 16 oz bottle.

Today we went to see my friend Teri and her new little boy Carter. He's 3 weeks old and 10lb 2oz, Tate is over 3 months and they look almost the same size! Can you imagine giving birth to a baby that size---AMMMAAASING! You Rock Teri.

Feb 1, 2009

Sitting Up- Sort of

My little boy is getting huge! It's so fun to see his personality come out. After reading Corbin and Alison's Blog, showing their little girl, Raquel, sitting in her boppy(just 10 days older than Tate)... I had to try this. He is so strong- but he was still tipping over a bit. You one-upped us this time Raquel!

Almost every moring Tate wakes up with little scatches all over his face. We try to clip his nails but they grow so fast. I'm affraid when I take him out of the house people think he's abused!