Aug 3, 2010

Man Time

The Men took on a lot this weekend. Mike, my brothers , and dad decided they wanted to go on a boys only camping trip with the kids. Crazy, yes! We all thought so. But no one objected because this meant FREEDOM. It was hard to say goodbye, but so worth it! I got my hair done, a massage, shopping, went to a movie, and slept a lot. Mike however, didn't sleep a lot, went fishing, hiking, and chased Tate the whole time. Tate came home covered in bruises and scratches and a very raspy voice from screaming so much. If they decide to make this an annual event, I will be very happy

Jul 12, 2010

Are you still there???

How long has it been... let's see, my last post was way back in March! Since then our lives have kind of done a 180. In those 4 short months a lot has been going on. First a foremost I should mention we are having another baby! This was a huge and very very very very very very unexpected surprise. It has taken me a while to come around to the idea of having another kid since I wasn't exactly thrilled about it in the first place. I have since learned the importance of using birth control on a regular basis. The first couple months of being pregnant is also a very hard time for me, besides being sick constantly and knowing you still have months to go before it's over, I went through kind of a small depression. I remember now how it felt the first time and I think the Lord gives me this challenge to make me realize how important it is to bring another spirit into this world. I am finally over the big sick part and today we just found out we are having a girl! She is due December 6th.

This pregnancy has been very different in the fact that I need to eat everything I see, so when you see me 400 lbs from now, please blame the baby. We also just moved 4 weeks ago up to South Weber, which is just south of Ogden. Mike is going to Weber next month so he made me move with him! I have to say that it has been A LOT better than I thought it would be. I keep finding more things to like and it is BEAUTIFUL up here. We love our neighborhood, the views, the ward, and it feels like home. We'll see if that opinion changes in a year or so, but we are stuck up here for at least 2 or 3 years.

More catch up:

We went to Disneyland in May with my whole family. IT WAS A BLAST

We hiked the Subway in Zion. I do not recommend this, at least not in May in freezing cold 30 degree water.

Tate broke his leg. If I can let this happen when we just have 1 kid, how am I going to handle 2?

I ran the SLC 1/2 marathon with my mom and sister in law Alexis. My goal was to run the full down in St George in October, but 2 days before signing up I found out I was pregnant. I will do it next year

and Tate is getting bigger!

Mar 31, 2010

This little guy will do everything I do, EVERYTHING.

Don't ask me why he is either pantless or naked in every picture. He hates clothes so we just fore go them in our house. So don't come over unannounced! haha, but seriously. J/k!

Well, hope you have a great Easter/Conference weekend!

Feb 11, 2010

Old Men are people too

I have come to realize Tate has a pretty original sense of humor. I have no clue where this came from, but he loves men, especially Old Men. Yes, a little weird, I Know. We've been out a couple times and he will see an older man and run to go get him, and reach up for this stranger to hold him. It gets a little creepy sometimes! But I'm more surprised at all the men that pick him up and hold him when he does this. It can get awkward. The other day we were at the library and there was an older gentleman that looked a little like a hobo, his beard was long and gross, but Tate ran right to him- ahhhh. luckily I caught him in time before the guy picked him up.
Here are a couple recent pictures and videos. And the videos are a little boring because I can only catch the end of the good part. But I still watch them over and over again because I can't get enough of him, he's so cute.

His dancing is all spins and stomping feet. It's adorable
We don't have baby proofed cupboards so he is always grabbing food and digging in

This is Tate's 2nd haircut. for some odd reason he has old man hair. It's very thin and he doesn't have a lot of it.

Just messy

Feb 6, 2010

10 inches Gone!

In the words of Sawyer, "What's done is done" (Or is it Sawyer's uncle? whatever, that show is confusing). I've cut about 10 inches or more off my very long, very drab hair and there is no going back now. Here is the before.... sad face

And after.....


Wait for it.............................................................


Wait for it..............................................



Ta -da!

I feel so free! It was about time for a change. I go in spurts where I grow my hair out trying to find the "perfect length", but never seem to find it, then I have to make a drastic change. And here is my drastic change for the year.

Jan 18, 2010

And 2 months later....

I guess I better start up the old blog again. It's been a short 2 months and it's been wonderful. Mike was out of school for a good long month and we were enjoying the stress-free home with no homework to worry about. He also took a week and a half off work to just veg with us and it was blissful. However, I got absolutely nothing done- laundry, dishes, cleaning, groceries were all on the back burner. We realized we hadn't spent that much time together since our honeymoon, but now it's back to reality.
I was looking at some videos of Tate at 8 months and It's not the same baby!
He has a big gap in-between his 2 front teeth, which changed his look completely. He used to laugh a lot more than cry, now I'm sad to say lately has been difficult to put up with his tantrums. He is impossible to take to meetings in church, he just can't sit still for a sec, Mike and I take turns in the hall. I really miss when he couldn't move! After every meal, I look at him and think, "how am I supposed to clean this up". (three times a day!)

He is a great little guy, but starting to get more and more difficult! He loves this BIG stuffed lion, a present from Grandma Call.
He is finally starting to talk to us! Yay! Along with mama, dada, and No, he can sort of repeat words like doggie, hi, and where you going.