Aug 3, 2010

Man Time

The Men took on a lot this weekend. Mike, my brothers , and dad decided they wanted to go on a boys only camping trip with the kids. Crazy, yes! We all thought so. But no one objected because this meant FREEDOM. It was hard to say goodbye, but so worth it! I got my hair done, a massage, shopping, went to a movie, and slept a lot. Mike however, didn't sleep a lot, went fishing, hiking, and chased Tate the whole time. Tate came home covered in bruises and scratches and a very raspy voice from screaming so much. If they decide to make this an annual event, I will be very happy


Emily Call said...

Cute pictures. I didn't really get much of a break since I still had Mayci at home, but I was able to spend some one-on-one time with her. Maybe next year she'll be invited too!

The Call's said...

Those are good pics! Way better than the 1 Ryan remembered to take..haha!

Jeff and Whitney said...

Wow!! Lucky you! Mike is a trooper!