Jan 18, 2010

And 2 months later....

I guess I better start up the old blog again. It's been a short 2 months and it's been wonderful. Mike was out of school for a good long month and we were enjoying the stress-free home with no homework to worry about. He also took a week and a half off work to just veg with us and it was blissful. However, I got absolutely nothing done- laundry, dishes, cleaning, groceries were all on the back burner. We realized we hadn't spent that much time together since our honeymoon, but now it's back to reality.
I was looking at some videos of Tate at 8 months and It's not the same baby!
He has a big gap in-between his 2 front teeth, which changed his look completely. He used to laugh a lot more than cry, now I'm sad to say lately has been difficult to put up with his tantrums. He is impossible to take to meetings in church, he just can't sit still for a sec, Mike and I take turns in the hall. I really miss when he couldn't move! After every meal, I look at him and think, "how am I supposed to clean this up". (three times a day!)

He is a great little guy, but starting to get more and more difficult! He loves this BIG stuffed lion, a present from Grandma Call.
He is finally starting to talk to us! Yay! Along with mama, dada, and No, he can sort of repeat words like doggie, hi, and where you going.