Jan 27, 2009

Happy Boy and Binki Clips for Sale!

Lately Tate has been Smiling, Laughing and Talking a ton! But everytime I get the camera out he'll stop. Here are a couple I got before he gave up.

Usually Tates day begins by waking up at 5 or 6 because he's hungry, so i'll feed him and we'll both go back to sleep. Then he'll wake up again around 8:30 or 9 we'll play for a little while and he'll zonk out again for about an hour or 2 more and wake up officially around 10:30 or 11. During that time I know I should get ready for the day, but usually i'll just fall back to sleep with him. When he wakes up again We both get ready and head out to do some errands. around 3:00- 5:30 or 6 he'll take another nap (don't I have it easy!) then we eat dinner and wait for Mike to get home. And then its bed time at 9:00. I'm really getting the hang of being a Mom and I love it. I have to start back to work soon, but luckily only one day a week. I have been racking my brain to think of other ways to make some money... if anyone has any suggestions let me know.

Oh and here are a couple pictures of some Binki Clips i'm making. If anyone wants any... they are only $5 or 2 for $9 (i'll send them free of charge) just email me mckitter@yahoo.com.

sorry some of these clips aren't all the way done, but you get the jist!

Congrats Teri and Regan on their new little Boy!

Carter Camp

Jan 22, 2009

Mike Post -Sappy- beware

It's happening! Mike is going back to school ... It's something he has wanted to do for a long time, but didn't really know what he wanted to finish off in. He started working with a new company last July as an Electrical Field Technician, and has absolutely loved it. (To be honest I have no idea what he actually does all day. He tries to explain it to me, and others, but I don't get a word he says.) He finally found his niche, and is really good at it. It will definitely be a long couple of years, but i know it's well worth it. He's going to finish off at SLCC, and by next year transfer up to Weber State University to their Electronics Program.

I am so proud of him and feel so blessed that he is happy doing what he loves.

Here are some of the reasons why I love and married this Man:

1. He is the Kindest person I know. Everywhere we go, if he sees that someone needs help, he is the first to lend a hand. One night, a couple months after we got married it was late at night and Mike got home from work...I begged Him to go the the grocery store with me. It was snowing really hard outside and on our way there we noticed two cars off the side of the road. To me it looked like the first car had gotten stuck, and the 2nd car was trying to help. So i thought we should just keep driving. Mike just wanted to make sure... so he pulled over and got out. It turns out both cars were stuck. They tried to push the cars out for a couple minutes with no luck...so Mike came back to the car and said, "We need to go buy a Tow strap to get these people out."So we did...Now if it was me, after helping push I would have just said "well sorry I couldn't help more" and left...

2. He makes me a better person

3. He's always willing to rub my feet

4. Playing Games is only fun with him. We get on game streaks sometimes where we will play Settlers or Sequence about 5 or 6 times in one night. We get so competitive sometimes we need to take a 5 min break and kiss and make up. ( I think it's because I win all the time)

5. He's a hottie

6. He is the best Dad

7. He makes me feel good about myself. He's not shy when it comes to complementing me

8.He's always good for a laugh! I have many examples, but just one is when we were driving to Idaho one night and the car was overheating so He pulled over to get out to look under the hood. When he got back in the car to start it up, The key was stuck, We couldn't turn it at all. It wouldn't come out, or it wouldn't turn to start up the car. He was getting so mad. So we called his step dad, who was a 1/2 hr away to come get us. about 20 minutes later, i looked down and noticed-- The car was in Drive. It was never put in park when he turned it off. So we put it in park, and were able to start the car up no problem.

9.He lets me have my free time. When he gets home from work and I've been with Tate all day, he'll take Tate for a couple hours while I go to the gym, or sew or get whatever I need to done.
10. And last, I love him because I love him!

Jan 5, 2009

Blessing, New Year and Chirstmas

Tate was blessed on Sunday December 28th, and since I, the dummy, forgot to take pictures of this glorious event, I'm stealing this picture from Emily's Blog. Thanks Emily! She is the Family Historian. Everywhere we go she is taking a million pictures. I looked everywhere for a blessing outfit, but they were all about $50 and he only wears it once, So i found this one at Babies R Us for only $13, on sale! Woo Hoo

As for New years: We went to Justin and Emily's and played Games and ate too much food. Emily is so creative look at this awesome pinata she made for the kids (i guess this post is all about you Emily!)

Christmas Eve Santa (uncle Stewart) came to visit the Grand kids.

My nephew Brody sat on his lap and just started screaming. This pictures says a thousand words...

On Christmas morning we always go to my Grandma's for brunch. That night we were going to get together for Christmas dinner with mike's family, but his mom and step dad got snowed in up in Idaho. So instead Mike and I went to see Yes Man. We took Tate too but I don't think he enjoyed it because he just slept through it.

This was Tate the whole day, he didn't want to wake up until about 8:00 at night. Then when he woke up he just cried and cried for an hour straight.

I Promise, i didn't plan the whole matchy matchy thing! I got Mike a sweater for Christmas, but My mom got Tate this other Cute Sweater. I'm not that mean of a wife to make my husband and Child walk around like mini mees