Feb 7, 2011

I had a baby, ahhhhhhhhhhh

Yes, that's right, I had a baby. My 2nd one down, and only 1 more to go (I think). I have a new respect for any mother that has more than 2 children. That is a lot to put your body through, I cannot imagine getting pregnant more than absolutely necessary. I'm pretty sure my body will only be able to handle it one more time and then I'm done. (please remind me of this in a couple years when I want another kid) Our little girl was born November 29th at 2:54 in the afternoon. She came exactly 1 week early. We named her Olivia Kitterman. 7.2 lbs
She is the most content baby, never crying and always smiling., and has made this whole transition from 1 kid to 2 a lot easier than I thought. I love her so much. But It's a lot of work having a newborn and a 2 year old, well not just any 2 year old, Tate. I really really really love him but I can honestly say I think he is the most active 2 year old there is. Anywhere we go he has to touch and feel everything, turn on and off the lights, climb all over the furniture, run around like a crazy person, throw things. I feel like whenever we go anywhere that is not kid proofed I'm constantly saying no and just wishing he could just sit still. But I promise, I love him! I just want to know when this phase will end.
The first month of Olivia's life, Tate pretty much just ignored her presence in our house. He is just starting to come around now. I have heard that 2 kids is easier than 1 because they can entertain each other, So I'm hoping that eventually they will be good friends.