Jul 22, 2009

Too much fun lately....

My friend Janelle and I decided we would drive up to Idaho to see my other friend Heidi that we haven't seen in a while. I grew up with them in Colorado until I was 14 and moved here to Utah. Even though it was Idaho, it was still a blast.

Heidi's little boy Colson is 5 1/2 months and a itty bitty thing. Tate and him are 3 months apart and Tate looks like a giant next to him. He is the cutest baby and ALWAYS has a smile on his face.

We went to the Potato Museum and got free "Taters for being out of staters". (only in Idaho)

A wall of All different types of Potato Mashers

I got home Sunday From Idaho, picked up Mike and headed out the door again for another trip.

Our wicked family reunion up at Pineview Reservoir. This is the first time I've been up there and it's Beautiful, and so green! If you haven't been up there I suggest going and staying at the Red Moose Lodge (Romantic, well without family it would be). I want to go back for our anniversary it was so pretty. We went to the beach, dinosaur museum, pool, golfed and played many games. I wish I would have gotten more pictures of how pretty it is up there.

Jul 13, 2009

Hard at work, NOT

I work Mondays from 7 am- 7 pm and have the rest of the week off to veg. But for some reason I have become the laziest worker since going back to work. Let's be honest here, I hate working and I always have. Just mention the word work, or Job or Career and I'll start crying. Before having a baby, well I should say before getting pregnant, I always thought of myself as a pretty responsible person and a model employee. Always on time (kind of), did everything by the book, gets along with everyone...But now these 12 hour work weeks are a killer.
I was sitting there today just thinking about how different it is at work. I hope no one reading this from Stampin' Up will tell my boss, but I pretty much suck. Sunday nights I'm always thinking of excuses on why I don't need to show up for work the next day, or if I go, why I can leave early. Most the time I will follow through with my responsibility and go in, but it's like pulling teeth. When I talk to people on the phone I'm incredibly nice because I don't really care about their complaints or problems. I will just give them what they need or want and move on. OK, it's not that bad, and I know my boss doesn't think I'm a bad worker. But I wonder if I will ever have that desire to work? I'd imagine all my kids will be grown and out of the house by the time I'm 50. That means I'll have a good 10-15 years before my husband will retire. What will I do? I've been working since I was 16 with only a couple breaks here and there. Both my parents have always worked and I can't imagine staying home not having that kind of responsibility.
I really admire my friends that have graduated college and moved on to real careers. You are my Heroes and I wish I could find a career path I can be that passionate about later in life.

Jul 7, 2009

I LOVE COOKING, but I suck at it

I have always thought of cooking as a no brainer... all you do is follow the directions, right? Apparently not right. I am almost 24 years old and this whole time was under this illusion that I can cook. I discovered the website simplifysuper.com and have been trying new dishes like crazy (well 3 times a week to me is a lot of cooking). Now, I can eat basically anything and be satisfied, I'm not picky. If the noodles aren't cooked all the way, who cares. And if the pizza is doughy in the middle, so what. It's food and I'll eat it. I will draw the line on meat. My chicken MUST be thoroughly cooked, even if that means cooking it so long it drys out, which happens most of the time. Mike works at night, so most of my meals consist of lean cuisine or cereal.

Yesterday, it was made blatantly clear how bad of a cook I actually am when I tried to heat up some leftovers from Sunday's dinner. I enjoyed the great meal, and went to wash off my plate in the sink. I could see Mike at the table, still there with his 1/2 eaten plate of food, staring at the chicken on his fork like it was a piece of dog food. How rude, right? The night before he told me how wonderful dinner was, but now I know it was just to spare my feelings. We had a very informative yet humorous conversation about my cooking. There were only 2 dishes he could name that he actually enjoys, Enchiladas and Paninis. All of a sudden it clicked... now I know why he eats so fast when we go out to eat, and so SLOW when he's eating my food. And why I'm always having to throw away tuber wares full of leftover dinners. I think I am going to have to retire my life long dream of becoming a chef.

Jul 1, 2009

8 Months Today

Tate reached 8 months today! He celebrated by giving me a special present. His first poopy diaper all over me, yay! I even went all through Costco not knowing it was on me or him until we were on our way out...(how observant am I?) Thank you Tate

Well, we survived the move, barely. We are on the top floor so it was a little exhausting, to say the least. There is not much storage so I have had to be a little creative stuffing all our junk we have accumulated over 3 years, under beds and into closets. We love looking right over a golf course, however, when the windows are open we sometimes HEAR when a golfer isn't having very much luck...As you can see in the 2nd picture, the man in the blue shirt isn't having a good day. And I think the guy in the red shirt saw me taking this picture