Aug 4, 2011


Sometimes I go out running and blast my music so loud, I catch myself singing along and doing a little dance with my arms, discretely . A couple days ago while running I came up with a great idea. I should invent a new workout called joggercize, or something like that. Choreographed running/dancing. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a dancer... but I'm pretty good at grooving in the car when a good song comes on. As to my knowledge nothing like this has been invented. So i think I'm going to take it upon myself to start this trend. it seems like ZUMBA is the "new thing", So this is just ZUMBA while running- sort of.

On Monday while i was running I made sure no cars were around and I just really got into it, It was so fun It had me laughing out loud. And it was a GREAT workout, I has exhausted! If I got a bunch of women to go with me and we all had the same playlist it wouldn't look so weird, right? Would you do this? Or am I the only one that has the need to groove while running? I'm thinking of starting with women in my ward just to go with me and try it out.

We are leaving for California next week with a couple of friends of ours, so maybe I will try it there. I can go "joggercizing" on the beach, and i won't have to worry about anyone I know seeing me look like a fool.


The Call's said...

That is the best idea EVER!! If we lived closer I would totally joggercize with you!

Nat said...

I am going to need to see video! :) Sounds fabulous. I make a fool of myself and zumba so why not at running?!

sNick said...

You would.